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I like how Link has a great personality.

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Even though most people complain about him not being "manly" enough, I personally love it! He is an amazing person with a ton of personality. I wouldn't change 1 single thing about him.


Well here we go..

1. He is just so freaking cute with those glasses and unique hair and laugh.

2. His voice is like the freaking cutest! nothing like ive seen before!

3. His sense of humor is just my taste!

4. His taste in clothes is amazing! Especially his Pluto shirt! (I Love Pluto)


last one 6. His personality! I would never change anything about Link. Except if he decides to grow a beard.. No. Stubble fine. Beard no.

his laugh!!!!!!

Well, it would be hard to say what I really think without sounding g@y, but I will say it anyways.

Link has an amazing voice.

He is musically talented.

His hair is adorable and it looks a little like mine.

He is so funny.

He is smart.

He is immature compared to Rhett, but in a good way.

He dresses a mix of fancy and casual at the same time like I do.

He can sing tenor, like I wish I could.

He knows all kinds of neat things.

He has had a ton of awesome experiences.

He has a successful career that I wish I had.

More things that I just can't think of in one sitting.


Everything from his hair, his sky-blue eyes, his glasses, his voice (both regular and singing), his stories to his dancing, his humour, his awkwardness and his laugh. There is nothing that you can't like about this man (or Rhett for that matter). Next to Rhett and Link, perfection looks like a bouncing turd. 

It's so hard to choose. Maybe it's his sense of style. He's just really cute and he has an adorable personality and ugh I can't decide what I like most about him.

I like both Rhett and Link. They are amazing people and I honestly look up to them. It amazes me that they are still best friends after all these years and I hope that for me and my best friend. But for all the time I've watched their videos, Link has always been my preferred between the two of them.
I love Link's personality. He's a great guy and I'd like to set up a secret camera in his house and see how he is at home with his family. I love that he doesn't try to be perfect when on camera and is comfortable with who he is. I love his sense of humor as well.
Link's singing. :o His voice is so beautiful and it matches Rhett's so perfectly. Their songs are amazing, and I often find myself listening for Link if Rhett is the main and Link is in the background.
Link's eyes, his hair (no matter what style), his expressions. I love these about him as well. I love how he wears funny T-shirts that match his personality at times and just about whatever he wears fits his personality.
He makes me laugh constantly with his expressions and his antics. Link is an amazing person who I definitely look up to and admire.

Links cute smile could cheer up anyone and I love that he is amazing at playing the recorder and singing.


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