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Delicate darkness surrounds me
Not a single star to be seen.
I used to call out and plea,
I made such a horrible scene.

Since then, I've long since ceased;
The flame of my hope has dimmed.
Forever trapped is a beast
who mattered only in least.

My heart since then has grown cold,
My soul has long since been sold
Darkness can now surround me
and form what I call a "Misery Mold".

A few try to call me an angel,
others a delight to be seen;
but I've seen past the lies that they offered
I see their intentions are unclean.

Though there are few that speak truth,
nothing but purity in heart;
They usually are but mere youth,
Their mindset still only at start.

I cannot move past from my pains;
Nor can I leap over my sorrow.
Others have left only stains
on my heart, which they only borrowed.

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Are you ok?

Yes, I'm okay.  This is a poem I made back in August, while in a really bad depressive slump. 

Cool. Yeah, that really comes through but good on ya for letting it out in the written word in a strong and creative way :)

I've written quite a few of these in my time as well; some of which are less dark, others even darker.  I guess I just have a thing for dark poetry.  Either way, I was getting scarily inactive here, and I thought I'd throw something in to show that I still somewhat exist. :3

Cool :)


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