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Location:            Fabyan Forest Preserve - - Shelter #4 across from the Windmill

Address:             1500 Crissey Ave., Geneva, IL 60134

Website:             http://kaneforest.com/fp/fabyan.aspx

Your Host:         Paulette Panzer

Facebook Event:  https://www.facebook.com/events/451302778574118

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I built my own little R&L Fold-A-Figures long ago thanks to Corey's REMARKable artwork and crafting skills 

This is truly a sign from the Mythical Ones . . . so be it!

although this will cause your gathering to extend into the next day, the more the mythicaler

NOTE: my personal favorite unplanned bit of the night is the awkwardly running / sand tripping girl just 2:00 into the entire 11:09:48 video

Santa Monica Pier: 03:14
Baby on the Pier: 39:10
Driving From the Pier: 52:59
Vicious Dogs: 1:54:26
Bowling Alley: 02:47:41
Playing in the Arcade: 03:01:08
Doughnut Shop: 03:19:00
Stopped by the Cop: 03:55:06
Subway: 04:00:29
Hollywood Boulevard: 04:21:40
Elevator: 04:41:51
Bathroom: 05:09:08
Taco Truck: 05:32:12
The Shaytards: 06:15:49
Sitting by the Bustop: 07:03:01
Merry-Go-Round: 07:15:02
Dancing at The Gas Station: 07:27:19
The House Party: 08:12:44
Lost on the Freeway: 09:02:20
Standing on Mt. Wilson: 10:08:56
Trumpet Players: 10:21:01
Rhett & Link Lay Down: 11:08:57

He wasn't the "overly-enthusiastic" dancing patron at Vicious Dogs, was he?

If so, run away as fast as you can.  No, seriously, that guy is insane!


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