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MythiCon is an informal gathering of mythical beasts at various locations worldwide, created by the mythical beasts and intended for the general enjoyment of mythical beasts of the RhettandLinkommunity. 



The original idea for this thing we call MythiCon was hatched in a brainstorming session between K-La V. (LANDSHARK) and a few of her friends in early 2013.  They were going to be hanging out at the Destiny Mall in Syracuse, NY anyways

. . . and the topic of discussion would inevitably turn to things Rhett and Link related

. . . so why not invite other R&L fans to join in the fun?  So, with the assist of some fellow kommunity members, they decided to turn this idea into an event.

The first MythiCon was held on Saturday, August 17, 2013.  Pre-planning had eventually set up 20 potential event sites [19 USA plus one in Istanbul, Turkey].  Final attendance numbers are sketchy, but we believe that about 50-60 total individuals actually participated. A handful of folks showed up at most of the meetings, a dozen MBs plus Rhett and Link made it out to Glendale (CA).  And, as expected, a few events were enjoyed only the Host who was actually beast enough to show up.  In my opinion, that is not a party failure . . . it simply confirms someone like ANIL ALÇIN [Kanakmann] as the most mythical beast in all of Istanbul, Turkey.

A good time was had by all, and plans were immediately put into motion to expand and develop MythiCon into an annual event.



  • MythiCon Hosts are all volunteers who devote a portion of their time and energy to coordinate the local events. 
  • It would help considerably if you would participate in the planning discussion for the state/province/country page devoted to your local area. Even if you cannot make it out there on the day of the event, you might have some great ideas which would be appreciated by the local event Hosts. 
  • Also, if you do plan to attend, please tell your Host in advance.  The sooner the better, as this both encourages a Host in their efforts and also aids in selecting a proper meeting site - - 5 or 10 folks might choose to gather at a local burger joint to enjoy a snack and each other’s company, but if 50+ show up unexpectedly that might be a problem, right? 
  • Most of the local meetings are held at a mall food court, city park or civic area.  However, the final choice for the local venue is left up to the Host and those who plan to attend.
  • There is usually no cost involved and there are no tickets required to attend a MythiCon event*  
  • The meetings all start at 1:00PM (13:00 hours) local time. Most will involve a meal of some kind; so either bring your own lunch money or pack a picnic basket. 
  • Come dressed in your finest mythical beast attire, bring a good attitude and a keen sense of humor, and prepare to be your mythical best in the games, sing-alongs, photo ops, R&L trivia, GMM Bingo, etc. 
  • Bring along a small item representative of your area . . . most event Hosts plan on bundling those up with photos of the event and a huge THANK YOU card to mail in to the GMMM Studio. Something suitable for the mythical mail boulder would be ideal. 
  • Rhett and Link are not guaranteed (or expected) to show up at any particular meeting.
  • If Rhett, Link, Jen or any of the GMM Krew do choose to attend any meeting at all, it will probably be near their homes just like you are doing. Feel free to invite them all to your event . . . it isn't beyond the realm if possibilities, right? But, in reality, it is highly unlikely R&L will just jump into a jet and fly out to Omaha, Nebraska or Okinawa, Japan for lunch one Saturday afternoon. So, it's up to you and your fellow mythical beasts to make this thing successful and enjoyable. 

 * some local event attendees may chose to meet at a location or participate in an event (pizza party, skating, bowling, etc) that would incur a cost or fee. Check your local event page for details.



(sort of - - - circa Aug-2013)



(try again, guys - - - circa May-2014)


(don't give up!  Nov-2014)

Kevin (UniSeal) created this hype video




Finally, here is a quick link back to the inaugural

MythiCon event for additional background and references . . .

and the compiled "results" pages from previous MythiCon events:

MythiCon 2014 - - Meet-up photo & video uploads

MythiCon 2015 ~ Pics & Video Sharespace

MythiCon 2016 ~ Pics & Video Sharespace

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