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Location:       Willowbrook Mall
Address:        1400 Willowbrook Mall, Wayne, NJ 07470

                        meet up at ~ Lower Level Food Court

Website:        http://www.willowbrook-mall.com/directory/restaurants-eateries

Your Host:    Karyn (Greater Horned Dingle)  

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ARRIGHT, I think those of us who were able to attend last year's Mythicon meetup in bryant park remember being caught between two opposing protest groups--I think part of the planning this year might involve a backup plan for relocating in case something similar happens. There are other areas in the park that are a little less exposed, and I would definitely recommend vacating the area rather than staying and sitting through what we sat through last year. 

I'm so in.

My friend and I would love to go but this is our first year going so we have some questions. Is Rhett and Link going to be there or is it a fan get together. Also do we need to pay ahead of time and if we do, how do I make the payment. Thank you, hope to come to Mythacon!!!

it is exclusively a fan meetup. the first year mythicon took place, they stopped by the california meetup as a surprise, but they haven't made a habit of it. there is no fee to attend the event, as it's not a convention or conference in the proper sense, but rather a few hours in the afternoon in a park talking meeting up with fellow mythical beasts. as long as you can get to bryant park at 1:00 pm on july 18th, you can attend mythicon.

Yass count me in!

mythicon is a fan meetup. rhett and link will not be attending.

My girlfriend and I are excited to be joining the NYC MythiCon this year. We are traveling later in the day and I was wondering what time you expect the event to go till. Thank you

So gonna see if u can get my 2 friends to come with. This is sooo awesome. :D


Due to last year's experience with Bryant Park, the meetup will be moved from inside the city to Willowbrook Mall in Wayne, NJ. There are buses from Port Authority that go directly to Willowbrook, and NJ Transit trains that go to Upper Montclair, NJ, and Montclair State University, both of which have buses that go to Willowbrook Mall. The port authority NJ Transit bus is the cheapest option for getting out of NYC. The mall also has a massive free parking lot for anyone who wishes to drive. There is a large foodcourt on the lower level of the mall. This is the location it would probably be best to meet up at. 

Would anyone be interested in a Mythicon on Long Island?


What mall is closest to you?


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