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If you can host and attend an international meet-up in an area not already listed above, leave your request here and we will add a discussion page for that part of the world. 

Thanks to Marcus Bean for the MC-2014 International banner.

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I'm sorry, but...I can't do the MythiCon meeting site host thing...I'd be more than excited to make this happen but...these people of Buenos Aires live on the other side of the country...I tried to search them on this page...but they have a year or more of inactivity...

I'm really sorry...although that doesn't mean I'll stop trying to bring more mythical beasts to this kommunity
anyways,thanks for the offer!

Attention Argentinians! 

NuriSa will host a local MythiCon in her hometown of San Juan  . . . here is the discussion thread:

Is there anyone who want's to host the MythiCon meeting in Austria?
I don't want to be the host, I was just asking if there are people from Austria interested in a meeting.
I would go there if would be near where I live and if someone would host it.

Does anyone want to host the MC in Austria?

I wish Rhett and Link would come to Alberta Canada but the fact that we have an actual Mythicon is great. We are stepping up!

Are you able to do NSW Australia (New South Wales)


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