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Do you have a favorite band/musician? One group to which you swear undying allegiance? Or are you a cat of many colors with too many favorites to choose from? Well then jot down the first couple that come to mind. Share.

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Ben Folds, all the way!

Other than that, I like Weezer and Flight of the Conchords.
The Beatles, The Who, The Monkees and Barenaked Ladies. :D

I also love The Mountain Goats, The Magnetic Fields, David Bowie, The Honey Trees, Uni & Her Ukelele, Van Halen and of course Rhett & Link! (Safe to say I swear undying allegiance to R&L. I don't have shoes for any other duos/bands/solo artists. I have made no other books for other duos/bands/solo artists. And I never would!)
Pretty much love any 80's rock bands. Absolute favorites are Def Leppard and Rhett & Link. Also love Journey, Guns 'N Roses, Aerosmith, Poison, Stix, Queen, KISS, Led Zeppelin, and The Who is pretty good too.

My Chemical Romance, The Beatles, Panic! At the Disco, Green Day, Rise Against, Rhett and Link, Weezer, Lady Gaga, Foster the People, Nirvana, oh gee what else um i can't think of anything else at the moment I'm tired XD

mah chemeecahl rohmahnse!

and a whole lot moar but they're numbah one

Amanda Deltrice (Satyrcentaur) said:

mah chemeecahl rohmahnse!

Rammstein, Weird al, Eisbrecher, Megaherz, Marilyn Manson, KoRn, Ozzy Osbourne, Slipknot....I could go on, and on, and on, AND ONN! but I choose not to....for the sake of my keyboard...

other than rhett and link.

pink floyd

stevie ray van


AC DC (old no new)

and the song 1985

I LOVE Green Day & The Pierces!!!!!!!!!!


The Flaming Lips! (also Passion Pit :p)

My favorite band is broods, but not very many people have heard of them. They are up and coming, and lots of people relate their style to Lorde, but I think they definitely have their own.Their music gives me the chills :)

Rise Against. I love all their songs, and they are such good guys with important points.


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