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What is your favorite band/artist? Why? Do you know any of their songs on your instrument(s)?

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Fun. Their music is amazing and kind of different. And I absolutely LOVE Nate's (the lead singer's) voice. I don't know how to play any of their songs though (I wish I knew how to play "the gambler" on the piano...). But I know the lyrics to a lot of their songs by heart and I often sing along while listening to them.

My favorite band is Skillet. They're my favorite because of the wide variety of music they play- they stick to rock, but some have influences from other genres as well. They also have included a violin and cello in almost all of their albums. I can play their song Hero on the piano, and am working on learning how to play Monster.

I am a bass player so anything with monster bass catches my ear.  I tend to like all kinds of music... from Metallica to Frank Sinatra.  Favorite band though is Rush!! Followed by Led Zep and Yes.

I love Metallica And can play nothing else matters and I'm also working on Atlas, Rise!

I would have to say my favorite band is Mumford and Sons :) 


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