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SEASON 10 ~ Thursdays Means Mail!

items in RED are viewer mail highlighted in the episode but

did not constitute a keychain added to the KRoM

Episode 4 (GMMore #950) Testing The GoGirl (Portable Female Pee Device)

- - cattle ear tag w/ birthday in angle branding code (from Maddie / South Carolina, USA)

Episode 9 (GMMore #955) Alex and Mike Teach How To Spin Pottery

- - fake finger for nail tech school practice (from Mythical Meghan / New Hampshire, USA)

New Hampshire Population

• Total 1,330,608 (2015 estimate) ~  ranked 41st in U.S.

• Density 147/sq mi (56.8/km2) ~ ranked 21st in U.S.

"Table 1. Annual Estimates of the Resident Population for the

United States, Regions, States, and Puerto Rico:

April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2015"

Episode 14 (GMMore #960) Naked Private Island

- - antique trolling lure for pike & lake trout at the getaway cabin on a private island near Sudbury, Ontario, Canada where the men never wear a shirt (from Heather Smith / New Hampshire, USA)

Episode 19 (GMMore #965) Ultimate Energy Smoothie Taste Test

- - lucky & mythical cross-country/weight-loss quarter on a keychain (Wesley/Kentucky, USA)

Episode 24 (GMMore #970) Sick Day Hacks

- - Yokosuka Japan train sign replica  (from Nicolette Jimenez / Washington State, USA)

Episode 29 (GMMore #975) Bottled Air Smell Test

- - widowed Barbie Doll shoe collection (from Sarah / Indiana, USA)

Episode 34 (GMMore #980) Our YouTube Diamond Play Button!

- - Who's Anatomically Correct? second place contestant keychain (from Linda / University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (TX) School of Medicine)

Episode 39 (GMMore #985) Making Fart Noises

- - elderly woman's tooth-colored gold crown [boiled for safety] (from Terry / Tuscon, AZ)

Episode 44 (GMMore #990) How To Build A Pancake Dog House

- - hillbilly keychain containing the ultimate power of 2 mythical beasts (from best friends Laurel & Nicole / in a ditch on the side of the road (not really) in Maryland, USA)

Episode 49 (GMMore #995) Say Sorry With Pudding?

- - felted TOKYO and R&L Mythical Cats (from Claudia, Hillie & Aya / Solon & Pepper Pike, OH)

Episode 54 (GMMore #1000) Mythical Crew 1000th Episode Party

- - NO MAIL OPENED TODAY - - too busy with the celebration!

Episode 59 (GMMore #1005) Guess That Sound (GAME) 

- - Tony Rigatoni pasta doll leg warmers [slightly damaged in shipping] (from Alice, Mary & Zoe / North Cackalacka near Buies Creek)

Episode 64 (GMMore #1010) Crazy Popcorn Taste Test

- - Batman & Robin Halloween costume picture keychain w/ Link the Yorkie Puppy (from Meagan C. / Arizona, USA)

Episode 69 (GMMore #1015) What's The Pitch Of Your Voice? (EXPERIMENT)

- - oyster shucking knife from Canadian Museum of Nature cafe (from Danielle & Will / Ottawa, Canada)Episode 74 (GMMore #1020) Announcing 360 Mythical Mail Museum

- - carved composite (6 wood) keychain (from Davis The Laminator / whereabouts unknown)

Episode 79 (GMMore #1025) Middle Seat Experiment

- - face painted on a rock as part of a HUUUUUGE "spot the art" project spread around the city (from Isaac [age 18], Grace [16], Elijah [10], Evie [6], Maggie [5] and Dad [old] ~ The Zens Family ~ Michigan, USA)

Episode 84 (GMMore #1030) Thanksgiving Smoothie Challenge

- - his first Food Lion name tag (from James Bennett / Lillington, NC)

Episode 89 (GMMore #1035) Tree Decorating Face Off

- - 36-year calendar keychain from India and part of her keychain collection (from Tanya Lynn Smith / ???)

Episode 94 (GMMore #1040) Thanksgiving Smoothie Challenge

- - good luck Swiss 5 Rappen coin [approx. value 5¢ U.S.] (from Florian, the 2nd best youngster chef who cooked for the Queen in London but has horrible penmanship / Switzerland)

Episode 99 (GMMore #1045) Snack Jack Black

- - actual keys from first car passed down from Grandfather that was "totaled" by a cow (from Jack & Jimmy Valentino / ??? )

Episode 104 (GMMore #1050) DIY Origami Christmas Ornaments

 - - 1-yr jarfull of artist pencil shavings in a Christmas Ornament (from Rachael Merriman / ???)

SEASON 11 ~ Thursdays Means Mail!

Episode 4 (GMMore #1055) Playing with Pyro Mini Fireshooter 

 - - hand-knitted UNICORN RAP beanies & min-keychain (from Katie / New Zealand)

Episode 9 (GMMore #1060) Speed Fan Mail Test (x2 Fast)

 - - souvenir coin from 2014 Iditarod dog sled race (from Erin Ambrose / Alaska)

Episode 14 (GMMore #1065) Full Face Lipstick Challenge 

 - - hand-knitted GMM minisock (from Granny Rebecca / ???)

Episode 19 (GMMore #1070) Rhett & Link Dog Update

 - - assorted breakfast cereal favorites featuring Raisin Bran, Kix, Frosted Mini Wheats, Lucky Charms, Honey Nut Cheerios, Grape Nuts, Cocoa Puffs & Froot Loops (from a stay-at-home Mom of four great kids [name / location not revealed])

Episode 24 (GMMore #1075) Cooking a Steak w/ a Blowtorch 

 - - Ancient Egypt-themed scarab key chain (from Steph Ihab (Flying Pandog) Cairo, Egypt)

Episode 29 (GMMore #1080) Mythical Crew Oscar Predictions

 - -  key ring w/ pic recording her one-and-only roller coaster ride with a Tom Brady look-alike ~ a middle school class trip momento (from Briana S. / Chambersburg, [PA/NJ?] )

Episode 34 (GMMore #1085) Testing Our Pain Tolerance

 - - Campbell University Camels key chain (from Annie B. / Buies Creek, NC)

Episode 39 (GMMore #1090) Hot Knife Sandwich Challenge

 - -  assortment of favorite miniature items collected over the years, each one representing something from the GMM series (from college student / mythical beast / musician / artist & Kommunity member Praise Sharp (BanjopickinSiren) / Crawfordsville, IN)

Episode 44 (GMMore #1095) Eating A Preserved Duck Egg

NO MAIL SEGMENT - - guest episode with Jake & Amir

Episode 49 (GMMore #1100) Chocolate Dipped Pickles Taste Test 

 - -  graduation day friendship coin (from Frank & Zach, the comedic piano duo on YouTube / Nashville, TN)  - - - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQB4CL6QCBIAIDDYJUwzXXg

Episode 54 (GMMore #1105) Testing The Bow Lingual Bark Translator

 - - miniature Martin guitar Christmas ornament from Grandmother (from DJ Denev / ???)

Episode 59 (GMMore #1110) Chocolate Dipped Pickles Taste Test 

NO MAIL SEGMENT - - guest episode with Dr. Vivek H. Murthy, U.S. Surgeon General

Episode 64 (GMMore #1115) Toilet Paper Bowling Game

 - - shattered throat guard exploded by a slapshot at hockey practice (from Juliette Peterson & Mom & Sister [but not Dad] / ???)

Episode 69 (GMMore #1120) Sports Bra Slingshot Game

 - - custom designed and 3-D printed cube incorporating GMM logos and images (from Seth / Blytheville, AR)

Episode 74 (GMMore #1125) Guess That Foot Game

 NO MAIL SEGMENT - - too many Mythical Crewmember feet to get through

Episode 79 (GMMore #1130) Playing Googly Eyes

 - - well used 4-H clover keychain with engraved pledge won in Showmanship competition (from Victoria Thompson / Kansas State Univ, Manhattan, KS)

Episode 84 (GMMore #1135) Peeing On Jellyfish Stings ft. Linkin Park

 NO MAIL SEGMENT - - Guest Episode with Chester & Mike from Linkin Park



All good things must come to an end.

This particular one occurred on Friday, July 7, 2017.

But, of course, the most mythical key ring of all time would have to be fitted to a key which opens that door to a most mythical adventure, now wouldn't it?

Can you spot your contribution somewhere on the completed KRoM?

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Replies to This Discussion

You may ask yourself, "What happened to the mail before Season 10?"

Go check that out for yourself at . . .

Hi guys :) Looks like the cattle ear tag was reposted for Episode 14.  I was so excited that they used the story of our island and fishing lure!  I have never posted here before, so hi!

Thanks for the reminder, Heather.  I was in the middle of updating the list yesterday when I got called away on other issues.  The entry above for GMMore #960 has been updated with details of your submission.

Welkomm to the Kommunity . . . and BEAST ON!

P.S. - - two (2) New Hampshire entries in a row. That's gotta be some kind of record, right?

I know!  We are such a tiny state, too.  Thanks for the update!

2 complete seasons of the KRoM are now documented on this page


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