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Everybody loves David Tennant, but who else do you like? What do you think of Christopher Eccleston, or Tom Baker?

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David Tennant acts like the perfect Doctor. They way he acts and his facial expressions are spot on. If Doctor Who was real, He would totally be him

I was skeptical of the 12th doctor but he grew on me and is now my favorite


Sorry if I just broke this forum.

12 is OK though.  And 4 has grown on me.

The 9th Doctor will always be my favourite, though I do adore 10 as well. 11 is cool and I'm learning to love 12... I'll be sad when Capaldi steps down (which may be as early as next year from what I've read). 

haha, Same here. About Capaldi, Really? I haven't heard anything about it. Where have you seen that? 

Tenant is actually my least favorite. I live the ninth.


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