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The worst chocolate I ever had was a Cadbury milk chocolate bar. It was too sweet and it looked and tasted like it did not have coco in it. It also had a texture that resembled a cake or a soft cookie. What is the worst chocolate bar you have ever eaten?

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Mixing chocolate and chili is not a new thing it actually dates back the Mayan's and I finally decided it was time to try this interesting combination. Although, it was not (The Worst Chocolate Ever) I did not like it very much, so I am posting about it here. I had been meaning to try some chocolate with chili in it for a long time and I decided to buy Lindt Chocolate, which is the brand I trust. Going into this new chocolate experience I really was not to enthralled with the idea of chocolate and chili mingling together. I do not hate spicy foods, but I do not like the idea of sweet and spicy going together. The problem with the taste of this is you can clearly taste the sweet chocolate, but there is almost no taste of the chili until you swallow the chocolate and you get a little burning sensation in your throat. I think that chocolate and chili  does not go well together. There are so many other foods and flavors that go better with chocolate and end up enhancing the wonderful richness and sweetness. 

Chocolate orange, yuck, makes me want to be sick 


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