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There are always new brands and flavors of chocolate coming out and this is where you can tell about your experience of trying new brands or flavors of chocolates. If you ever wondered what a sophisticated sour gummy worm and chocolate would taste like Brookside Chocolates answers that question. I have only tried the Goji Raspberry flavor, but it is very good and I have repurchased this item. Let everyone know what new chocolates you have been liking. (be adventurous and try different chocolate combinations this does not need to be a new product as long as it is new to you) Enjoy and don't forget to indulge!

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Not sure I'd like the whole gummy-worm chocolate thing. But there's no harm in trying it.

You should be able to find it a Walmart or Target. It is like a tart gummy candy covered in dark chocolate. 

Ok all of you chocoholics I have two recommendations for all of you.

Devine 70% Chocolate with Raspberries. For some reason I have really been enjoying chocolate and fruity combinations and this one was really good. It is important to note that this has bits in the chocolate that make it crunchy, but it is just on the bottom and not throughout the entire bar. I am not sure if the little crunchy bits actually have any flavor, but I kind of liked the crunch even though I usually like my chocolate smooth.

The other recommendation I have is chocolate fondue. Make sure you do this with a close friend or family member. I do not recommend doing this with someone you are trying to impress because this is a messy treat and there is a good chance you will get chocolate on your face or clothes.

I like dark chocolate so what I did was get a 10oz bag of Ghirardelli 60% Cacao Bittersweet chocolate chips and one 3.5oz 85% Lindor chocolate bar. This made plenty of chocolate and could have easily served 3-4 people. I used the microwave to melt the chocolate making sure to stop every 30 seconds and stired the chocolate to prevent it from burning. It stayed nice and melted for about 30 minutes, but if it starts to get hard or lumpy just put it back in for about 30 seconds and stir it. For stuff to dip into the chocolate I recommend strawberrys, bannas and raspberries ( you don't have to go overboard). Also, be careful not to get any watter (even a drop) in your chocolate this will ruin it, so I recommend washing your fruite the day before.


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