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I have been thinking what would Rhett and Link do if they were in Back to the Future?

Would they make similar choices?

What are some of your thoughts?

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Rhett would go straight for the hover boards , and link would probably destroy humanity by accident :/

Oh my gosh that is hilarious. 

Link would of course have his heart in the right place. Then he probably would just make one of his silly faces.


I think Rhett would escape to the forest and and hide in a treehouse he built and Link would accidentally meet himself and cause a rip in the space-time continuum. 

Oh for sure. Then one morning Rhett will wake up feeling so much love for himself and would love to take a half naked  selfie. Seeing that he is in the past he is with out a phone (his actual phone died because he did not have his charger. ) he carries a small mirror now and pretends to take selfies. He is considered the town looney tune.

He finally meets up with Link and convinces him that running into himself would actually not be that bad. 

Well he was wrong. RIP in the time. 

However they were actually just stuck in one large segment of TOKYO.

All in all, it could have been worse.


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