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What would your animagus be? Mine is a dog, not only because Sirius is one but because I've taken so many tests that say dog. Plus I love dogs and I'd consider myself loyal to friends.

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I would totally be a hippogriff because they can fly but they can still run. If there are 'guidelines' that say we can be mythical creatures, then I would be a wolf or a stag just because they are my favorite animals! :D

Hippogriffs are pretty cool. Nice choice!

I would totally be a cat, like Prof. McGonagall. Cats are quick, and smart, and agile.

I'm not that fond of cats but I see your reasoning. I'm allergic to cats which is why but when I see a house cat, I think scratching and lazy. But now, I can see the agile and quick part.

Out of all the tests I've taken, I am apparently a dolphin...

Would you want to be one? Dolphins are smart and cool but they can only be in the water.

I would be a snake because they are agile and strike quickly but still graceful
I would be a cat. I have loved and gotten along amazingly well with cats my whole life!

I would be a wolf, because of my Strong connection with my instincts,  intelligence, Loyalty and  deep desire for freedom.

I love the Dark and I also need a lot of time for myself, with no one around me. I would certainly love long walks in the forbidden forest at night, hehe ;)

Wolf or Dolphin

Dog like my OC!

I took like a million tests and quizzes and most say my animagus and potronus is a wolf


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