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DREAMLESS: to never have another dream while you're asleep for the rest of your life, neither nightmare nor sweet dream, but not suffer from any psychological consequences, other than the obvious dullness in the dreamless void.


DREAMER: to be plagued with near constant daydreams everyday for the rest of your life, and be able to control it only with difficulty and in critical safety situations.

What do you think?

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I am and will always be a dreamer.
Dreamless. I rarely ever remember my dreams any way, and most of the ones I remember are nightmares.
For the past year, my dreams have been filled with frustration, crying , random, and full on weird. But despite all the nightmares and hallucinations, I still would be a dreamer. If I get all these odd dreams for just one sweet dream, I'll take it. I always dream the sweet dreams become real.

Dreamer, Not dreaming is bad for your mind. + i''ve been dreamless for the last 3 years and is very boring sleeping is like instand waking up again. Sooo boring

I'd rather be a dreamer.  Then I could transcribe my dreams and entertain people, which is my first and most intense love. :D

Dreamer all the way, I love to dream a lot anyhow!

Dreamer. I already daydream 24/7, and dreaming is a cool thing. I couldn't imagine never having dreams.


Dreamer ~ Dreams give us messages which reveal where our unconscious fears are. When we understand those fears we can work to overcome them and then have really amazing positive dreams and live a very positive life with fears nearly eliminated!


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