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Who are you rooting for?

Who do you think will win?

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Ghana and the USA are playing right now. The score is 0-1 at the moment, USA's favor. As I said in the main room, I'm rooting for Ghana on this one.

Ghana lost but we're all winners on the inside. Right?!

I'll be honest, this time round, I'm not sure who will win. Tough field this go, but as much as I would like USA to win, sadly I don't think they will. Wouldn't be the first time if I'm wrong though lol. The Brits had a bad showing also.

I am thinking Germany as well. USA's heart showed through last night though. There has been so many come from behind wins so far though. Looks to be a great World Cup.

Germany is likely to win, but not who I'm rooting for. Both of the teams I was previously rooting for have been knocked out. Now I'm just rooting for Brazil.


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