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If Rhett and link were to do another will it __ such as will it taco/ice cream sandwich what do u think they should do

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Will it Panacake

A little bizarre and not taste directed: will it...polish? Anything... From wood to metal to glass etc...

Could lead to some sticky messy windows, cars, walls, window sills or doors...

will it poptart?

Will it Twinkie (fill a Twinkie with an ingredient)

Will it Olive?  Stuffing different things into an olive besides pimento!! 

How about Will it Will it?

K-Mod's note:

Today is the 1-year anniversary of this thread . . .

We've all enjoyed thinking and talking about possible new and exciting WILL IT's, but I believe that after 365 days . . . 7,210 views and 1,202 comments  . . . this forum thread has run its course.  Nearly all of the recent postings and suggestions have been a re-hash of something that was mentioned long ago and numerous times since, so it's time to shut it down. 

Below is a WILL IT montage that R&L posted on their Facebook page during the Season 7-8 vacation break, memorializing all 13 of the GMM episodes devoted to the assorted and sundry topics to date.  Clicking on the pic will also take you to the YouTube playlist for those episodes.  Sadly, although R&L may decide to do a few more suggested WILL IT shows in the future, this tread is now closed to additional postings until further notice.


I will soon be posting here a link to a schedule of the 200+ distinctively different suggestions made during the life of this thread.  Stay tuned for details.

Here is the FINAL FINAL post to this thread . . .

As promised, a downloadable Excel file version of the 200+ distinct WILL IT ____ ? suggestion comments posted over the one year that this discussion was active.  Using the filter buttons added to the titles header (row #6) you can sort and search for a particular item.




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