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Today I went on the Rhett & Link - Main Channel of YouTube and sorted through the entire upload catalog just to see which are the most viewed and the least viewed of the 278 videos currently available . . .



Facebook Song (

This is no big suprise.



SUNDANCE 08 - William H. Macy (8,301 views)

Now this is something I find hard to believe.  At best - - if not a single WHM fan or some random dude/dudette surfing the web has ever stumbled into this video by mistake - - only 0.751% of the 1,105,254 R&L main channel subscribers have ever taken two minutes thirty-three seconds out of their life to view this masterpiece of internetainment? How sad this is for them!


So, starting today, let's all join in the effort to get Mr. Macy out of the basement position.  It might never rocket into first place or even the Top 10 or the Top 100, but how about at least promoting it to second to last (#277) position? This requires only 87 more views to overtake the Dennis Hopper and Sam Rockwell interview and move one rung up the ladder.



Mythical Beast Commando powers activate ! ! !

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Is Gumbo's next latest and greatest KBE "Y U NO LOVE Dennis Hopper"?

UPDATE > > > more than a year has passed and William H. Macy has >1000 more hits than when our adventure started and still maintains his non-last-place standing among the 317 active videos on the R&L Main channel.


And so, how would it fare against the GMM portfolio currently standing at 502 videos available?  Sorry Mr. M . . .

FINAL FINAL UPDATE > > > another 15+ months later and the tide has again turned against Mr. Macy. 

Our favorite R&L underdog video has slipped back into ultimate obscurity and, most likely, last place on the viewer count board. I say "most likely" simply because whenever you sort the catalog of available main channel videos via the "Most Popular" filter the listing gets capped out at 300 listings so you can see the few extra at bottom of the stack. So there is the remote possibility that some more recent upload was totally ignored by nearly every MB on the planet.

The videos are still listed and available, so I just searched each individually by title with the following results.

  • 22,330 views = What About the Internet?
  • 20,111 views = Snowboarding at Sundance 08
  • 13,411 views = Grammy Tidbits: Cab Ride
  • 11,315 views = Dennis Hopper, Sam Rockwell, more - Sundance 08
  • 11,294 views = Sundance 08 - William H. Macy


I wrote some quick JavaScript to get a definitive list of the unpopular videos. Our boy William H. does indeed still claim the bottom spot, but the correct bottom 5 are:

  • SUNDANCE 08- William H. Macy -- 11297
  • Dennis Hopper, Sam Rockwell, more-SUNDANCE 08 -- 11316
  • Grammy Tidbits: Cab Ride -- 13411
  • New "Tarantino Presents" movie:  Cast SUNDANCE 08 -- 19315
  • Matthew Perry, Josh Lucas, & more-SUNDANCE 08 -- 19566

Here's the code if you ever want to run it yourself. Just go to a channel's video page, click "Show more" until all videos are visible, and right-click somewhere on the page. Choose the option that is similar to "Inspect" or "Inspect Element" and find the "Console" section. Paste in this code, press enter, and you'll get a dump of all the videos ordered from lowest to highest views.

var videos_sorted = Array();
var video_information = document.getElementsByClassName("yt-lockup-content");
for(var i = 0; i < video_information.length; i++)
    var title = video_information[i].querySelector(".yt-lockup-title a").innerHTML;
    var views = video_information[i].querySelector(".yt-lockup-meta-info li");
    if(views != null)
        var views = Number(views.innerHTML.split(" views")[0].replace(/,/g, ""));
        videos_sorted.push({title: title, views: views});

    function(a, b)
       return a.views - b.views;

for(var i = 0; i < videos_sorted.length; i++)
    console.log(videos_sorted[i].title + " -- " + videos_sorted[i].views);

you crazy code talking folks . . . always doing stuff us mere mortals can not imagine and conversing in a language that you think humans can comprehend.  that's cute.


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