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I think I would personally like to meet Link over Rhett, (Nothing personal guys!) because I think that I am more like Link than Rhett. And that we would be able to conversate more than Rhett and I would. But to meet either would be a great honor and I would never forget it.

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Both. I can't pick really...thou I am leaning on the Rhett side but I always do.....I hope I get to meet them one day...that is one of my life goals...I know I am crazy. 

I would rather meet Link, he is so ADORABLE and just... he's my style!! I adore his personality. And although he' really tall, at least he's not like Rhett's height. I'm legit 4"11 and I'm almost an adult.

Either. It'd probably end up like Troy Barnes meeting LeVar Burton on Community anyway https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhOG3XwX9Yw&ab_channel=AJMaimouni


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