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I wonder alllll the time about this and i just realized that i can get the answer from the men themselves! :D

When you two write songs, does one of you write the music and the other write the lyrics? or is it like a mixture of the two?

Side question... what are all the instruments that each of you know how to play?


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every song is a collaboration. If the song starts on the guitar, I write that....but a fair amount of our songs start on the computer (like any rap and more of our electronic-sounding stuff). In that case, we both start the music. Lyrics and melodies are collaborative, too.

The only instrument I'm proficient at is guitar. I can play piano enough to write a song or fill in parts, but I can't really play.

Link is learning guitar and can obviously play the recorder! He can play the harmonica, too.
Thats really cool. I find it awesome that every song is a collab. It's rare to see people that still do that.

and ahh thats awesome. you and i are very similar in that way rhett!

oh so maybe soon we'll see Link on guitar in a video!? ha i bought a harmonica... cant play it at all tho

Thanks for the reply :D


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