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                        whawk vs melephant

                      which is better a whawk or a melephant?

                                          in this forum we will decide which is better.

                                                       post the pros and cons

                           come up with cool cross breeds

                                  make simulated battles


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Whales are mammals, they breath air and then hold their breath for hours while they swim. I think being a whale already takes care of the breathing thing.

Oh my apologies, now I feel stupid. Sorry! Lol I should've researched how whales breath before I asked that question /: Thank you though!

I wasn't saying anyone was stupid. I'm sorry. I just was answering the question. IMO a whale's breathing and breath holding abilities make it perfect to have some wings and flying skills. Therefore, I'm team Whawk!

Oh it's not your fault! I just happen to get myself into "I feel stupid now" situations sometimes. Brought on completely by myself! Haha. So no need to apologize (: And yes, now that you have answered my question, I'm Team Whawk all the way too! :D


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