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When you first found Rhett and Link, what did you think? Did you think "This is amazing", "They're crazy" or something else? Also please state why you thought so, and what video did you see that triggered those thoughts?

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So I guess I have to be the fangirl-y one here, drat.

I first saw them in Epic Rap Battles of History: Wright Brothers (Rhett & Link) vs Mario Brothers (NicePeter and EpicLloyd) and I thought 'they're cute'. I clicked onto their channel and realized 'oh they're cute but weird...okay' and clicked away. Yes I know SHAME ON ME. Until about two months ago something possessed me to give them another try and...I really don't know what it is about them, but I just could not get enough....I suspect their boundless humor, subtle charm, dazzling eyes and rugged good looks could have something to do with it. I have watched almost everything of theirs, with the exception of a few GoodMorningChiaLincoln and random oldie bits.  

The first video I came across was the christmas sweats video with Hannah and Grace and I had no clue who Rhett and Link were. I thought, man these guys are lucky to be in these girls video ... now I realize that it was their video and that Hannah and Grace were lucky to be in a Rhett and Link video :) 

That was the first one but I didn't know it ... which is cool.

This is funny though because the first video I watched after that was the Mythical Show episode with Grace as comment counsellor. I skipped ahead to her part and right after it Link had his hair going up and his Glasses off so I just assumed that that was how he looked all the time :) 

I first found Rhett and Link in the Epic Rap Battle of History. I loved the rap battle but it was a while until I came across their videos again. I remember one day watching some of the videos "The Future According to Rhett" - I assumed that this was the sort of thing they did all the time. Eventually the "My Hair Song" popped up on my YouTube homepage and I soon discovered there was much, much more to them! 

I love how varied their videos are, how they don't just limit themselves to one genre :-)

I just liked/like their style of humor.

My first encounter with Rhett and Link was actually listening to them in the car while my brother played the GMM episode where Rhett and Link do a smell test to find out of they are psychopaths. Upon listening to them I honestly thought they were pretty funny (although I didn't laugh out loud).  However I didn't honestly like them enough to want to pursue viewing/listening to more episodes until about a month ago. 

My friend emailed me asking if I had heard of Rhett and Link. I hadn't, so I went on YouTube, looked up the first episode of GMM, and began cracking up immediately! I caught up on all the rest of the GMMs and GMCLs I had missed, and have been hooked ever since. Don't stop, Rhett and Link! You guys are amazing! :)
I thought I know my exact thoughts. Chuckled to myself as I was watching Nilla Wafer Top Hat Time this is awesome

OK, well the first video I remember seeing was Perfect Bathroom Trip, and my first thought was, "Did my mom put them up to this?" :p

But in all honesty, I just found them really funny and personable, and nothing against John Green style jump cuts, cause I love his stuff too, but it's kind of nice when things like GMM come around, they allow more conversational stuff.

Oh and I was struck with a growing sense of de ja vu, and I realized later on that a friend had showed me their sham wow commercial song before and I hadn't connected that it was them. :D So TECHNICALLY that was the first video I saw.

I watched rub some bacon on it, and thought "these people are hilarious"


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