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I would like Rhett, Link, or Jason to answer this, or talk about it on GMM season 4! :)

I've always wondered, do you guys film, edit, and upload the daily episode of GMM all in one morning? Or do you film and edit it the day before, and upload it the next day? Since you upload the episodes so early.

I think this would be a good GMM topic. Maybe you guys could talk about how you make GMM on an episode of GMM when you guys start up season 4. :)


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I've actually been wondering the same thing.

I've been wondering too, I hope they answer:D

Yeah I hope they answer too! I've been wondering for awhile now.

I'll preface this by saying I'm by no means the authority on this topic, but do have a little insight to what may be happening.

At least once, the episode for the next day briefly appeared a day early. This shows that they don't do shoot/edit/post them all in one morning, which is kind of common sense. :)

As to how far in advance they film each episode and how many they have in their queue for publishing at any given time, that's a little unsure. But I do know that whenever I knew of something that was going to be announced on GMM, it took at least 2 days to appear in an episode. So I'm guessing that they have at least 2 queued episodes at the time of the current episode's release.

Yeah. I guess that's probably what they do. And they would have to get up awfully early to film, edit, and upload the episode all in one morning. :P

Ok...I think I have a clue as to when they do the filming....I am guessing around 2 weeks in advance....in the morning.....

Here is why i think that. The other day, I saw the YouTube video from the Unbox boys (voice of Battleship who was then on Ear Biscuits) and he was touring the studio...In the main filiming area they had just hung the rope for today's "Will It Pinata" episode. 

Other clues have led us all to believe it is morning. I also wonder if they may do it on Saturdays


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