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What is your Mythical Beast name, Why did you pick it and what does it mean???

Please tell us your mythical name
Why did you choose this name for yourself
What does it means???

Mine is Horphin.
Horse and Dolphin
I chose this name because I love these two animals.
The horse is a great and wonderful land animal. When Jesus comes back He will be on a White horse.
I love the dolphin becasue of it's gentleness and grace when you see them swimming. I first feel in love the dolphin when I was a little girl after watching "Flipper". The island of the blue Dolphin was one of my favorite books and movie.

There are my reason for my name what is yours?

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Slithy Tove. I chose it because I like gyring and gimbling in the wabe every day around brillig.
Zebrakinola because I love zebras and I made the last part up (kinola) just just to be random
Dragon-cause they're awesome
Pegasus-also awesome
Sasquatch-cause they're totally real (and awesome) ;p

Soon yeah... Dragopegasquatch...

Uh, well, mine isn't a creature based name, but here goes. winterprism, I love how beautiful winter is with snow and all, but it is cold and can sometimes be depressing and dreary... Rainbows  are bright and happy, taken for granted by many,  and created in a unique kind of way, a prism of color.. And I love rainbows in the winter! put the 2 together and you have winterprism. It is sounds rather simple but it is actually more complex and just sort of fits my personality.

Fragon because dragons are bad a*s and so are falcons +the falcon is my first nations animal

Siris is the ancient Mesopotamian goddess of beer. I thought is was fitting because I have spent most of my working life matching people to their perfect beer. Also no one had used it yet.

Half is my name, and half is one of my favorite shows (Korra/Last Airbender)

A Jumbee, jumbie or mendo is a type of mythological spirit or demon in the folklore of some Caribbean countries. Jumbee is the generic name given to all malevolent entities; however, there are numerous kinds of jumbees, that reflect the Caribbean’s complex history and ethnic makeup, drawing on African, Amerindian, East Indian, Dutch, English, and even Chinese mythology. People in English-speaking Caribbean states that were colonized by the British commonly believe in this creature. The belief is also held by practitioners of Obeah, a form of mystical wizardry that encompasses traditional African beliefs and Western European, primarily Anglican, images and beliefs concerning the dead. Various islands – including Antigua and Barbuda in the east, Jamaica in the north, Guyana and as far south as Trinidad – have had a long held tradition of folklore that includes the jumbee. Different cultures have different concepts of jumbees, but the general idea is that people who have been evil are destined to become instruments of evil (jumbee) in death. Unlike the ghost folklore which represents a whispy fog-like creature, the jumbee casts a dark shadowy figure.

Minnie the Pooh - Actually is what I named my teddy bear when I was little - she was a girl bear, so I gave a twist to "Winnie the Pooh".  Also, when we were very small, my younger sister couldn't quite say my name "Melanie" correctly, so it came out as "Minnie", so I ended up passing that name along to my little bear, which I still have to this day - even though she has a bad eye and is pretty threadbare.   When I get around to it, I should change my profile pic to one of Minnie. 

Mine is bationshark. I like batman and I work in technical theater and the fly has bations on it, and I love sharks so boom put  that together bationshark. 


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