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Well, first of all, no I'm not trying to be educational, I'm going for more interesting funny things you have learned

To start it all off, I've learned:

1) about lucid dreaming... (still can't do it though!)

2) that despite what the Facebook Song may say, they still do "meet girls hanging out at the mall"

3) The way to a woman's heart is through a worms anus

I'm interested to know what you've learned, do tell me...


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I learned how to laugh a whole lot more :)
Ditto this!!
Amen sister! :p

I've learned how to make yourself feel more confident about doing something - stand in a Superman pose for five minutes before! But be sure to do it in the bathroom so no one can see you. 

Absolutely girl, you own it! (in the bathroom, of course) ;)


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