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In the spot the differences video when the tooth fairy comes in the the window what does he say? it sounds like "What the freak did do look who lost a tooth today-hay!" and also during the transition from the monsters to the tooth fairy it sounds like "The only thing is right in the morning light." I just want to know what the actual lyrics are so I can sing them and impress all of my fans with my mythical knowledge.

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I think it is 'what you freakin' do, look cool: lost the tooth todaay'

whoopty do

interjection - exclamation of amazement, used sarcastically to say that one isn't impressed.

      ~ http://onlineslangdictionary.com/meaning-definition-of/whoopty-do



noun \ˌh(w)üp-dē-ˈdü, ˌh(w)u̇p-, -tē-\

1 : noisy and exuberant or attention-getting activity (as at a social affair or in a political campaign)
2 : a lively social affair
3 : agitated public discussion or debate
or . . . they could just simply be referencing the KC-based TV show http://www.whoopdeedoo.tv/index.php



a.k.a. another version of:

Oh Gumbo you are so great!!!!!!!!  LOL!  I've been away from the Komm for a while but came back to see if anyone had posted the lyrics to this song......I got a kick out of your post!  LOL!  I think the line in the song is "Whoopy-freakin' doo, look who lost a tooth today!"  I'm still looking for the lyrics in the chorus though.  "Sleep sleep sleep sleep tight....you better....._____get your rest tonight.....sleep sleep sleep sleep tight.....______right in the morning light.....sweet dreams___tonight...sleep sleep sleep sweet dreams tonight."  I LURVE this song and video!

"whoopty-freakin'-do" I believe

Well I know Rhett as the toothfairy says "whoopdefreakindo"

Check out the full lyrics to solve your lingering questions! Most of them. Basically.


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