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We all are good at something -some more than others. I want you Mythical Beasts to pour your hearts out and explain to us all what makes you special! What do you bring to your city, this Kommunity, the WORLD!? 

Here is an example: I write! I've written numerous stories and even a short novel! :) 

be as detailed as you want

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I can construct a sentence that uses proper grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation. In fact, I can construct a whole series of sentences that are all structurally and logically sound.

There are very few people who can do this. Trust me.

This is a thing I really appreciate, especially on the Internet. 

I'm a writer and I've been mentioned in the newspaper. I hope to get published some day.

I'm very good at relativizing things other people would get angry or upset about 

My talent? Hrrmmm... I guess it would be something to do with the arts, because I'm second chair cello in my orchestra, (And best air cellist) I taught myself guitar in two days, I love drawing and coloring almost everything (Including Rhett and Link) for my friends, my friends always laugh and smile when I'm around them, (I think that could be an art. Smiles are great) and they also tell me that I have a great singing voice.

I bring assorted arts to everyone I meet!

I'm very talented anime-watcher. Watch with the best of them.

i dont have any talents really unless you count being able to take off my glasses with me feet while on my stomach.......


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