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In todays episode of #GMM Good Mythical Morning (Episode 311) Rhett and Link talked more about the Twitter war for custody of the hash tag #GMM. But Rhett referred to us(the Fans, Mythical Beasts) as a herd. Link thought this was a bad name, he thought it sounded like Rhett was calling us Elephants. So I made this discussion to come up with a better name when referring to us a group.

Watch todays episode of GMM:


More information on the #HASHTAGWAR!


Thanks! And stay MYTHICAL, beasts!

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I don't have a problem with herd, but I like menagerie and conflagration, they are great! I think a menagerie sounds better though
I like "Mythical Beast Bunch". I'm all about alliteration! :)
How about a Beastly Battalion?

On some episodes of GMM it sounds like Rhett and Link call everyone "The Mythical Beast" and I think it makes sense. The Mythical Beast that is the Rhett and Link Community is so amazing, so mythical that it cannot be contained into a single entity. How cool would it be if when Rhett and Link talk about something that the community should be proactive about (like the Hashtag War and food donations for Memphis), they say they're "releasing The Mythical Beast" to take it on?

If not that, I'd agree with menagerie, which is the second best imo.

you know, we were mythical beasts even if he called us a herd. he wasnt trying to refer us as elephants. so when he is refering us as a group, its still gunna be, mythical beasts


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