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Hey! I was wondering if any of you Mythical Beasts live in the UK like me! If you do, post here and say a little bit about where you're from! 

I'm from Newcastle, the land of the "Geordies" (our local dialect). I'm not a Geordie myself, but I find it much easier to understand the dialect than my friend does, who's from North Yorkshire... Strange, I didn't think people would have a problem understanding it, but there you go! :P

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I'm from the  UK!

I'm from Norwich, UK - it's quiet round these parts haha 

I'm live in Norfolk too! 

mythical Colchester Essex

Hi all! I'm from the u.k, South west Scotland to be a bit less mysterious lol.


I'm from Somerset, the land of farmers and sheep. We have a "unique" accent down here in the West Country but mine is only strong if I am talking to my family then you cant understand most of what I am saying :)

I live in the UK, in Warwickshire :)) The mythical dwelling of Shakespeare, the RSC and also many, many tourists.

Bradford west Yorkshire is where you can find me ;p

I'm from Bradford/Leeds :)

South west London !

Felixstowe in Suffolk!!!

I'm originally from County Durham but living in Cumbria in the Lake District :)


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