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I was wondering why Rhett and Link aren't in any famous movies. They are really talented and they should be more famous actors by being in a movie. They should do a movie with Tom Hanks or someone great like that. I want to go to a movie theater and see them on the big screen. Out of all the channels on YouTube, Rhett and Link are in the top five because they actually put effort into their material and they post videos frequently. I want to know how many people are with me. We should get them on the big screen by the end of this year. 

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They may have stuff in the future of doing so. Remember, with fame can also come bad stuff and they have families to consider.

I think that the amount of "fame" right now is perfect. That's the amount I would want if I ever became famous. You get recognized every once and a while, but you're still recognized, and not mobbed by people/paparazzi. :)


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