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Hi all,

I am currently making a Time Rangerers Game on Gamemaker! It is a (kind of) 8-bit platformer where you can play as Rhett or Link and play through the episodes of Time Rangerers! If someone could provide me with backgrounds and some background music it would help a lot!

Thanks for helping my mythical ventures,

Laurence (The Leviathan)

PS I will send the game to Rhett and Link and then if they do not i will post the game on a forum.

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Sorry exams comin up and also been sick. Have still been working on it and will release at least the first 6 levels after Christmas.

Happy Holidays,
Laurencec98 (The Leviathan)

w00t!   after a couple of rounds practice and learning the secret of  how to "jump and float"  i've got the entire nacho run down to under 30 seconds.  Bring on the next level.

Oooh! Sounds fun.

Looking forward to it!


That sounds like that would be so cool .u should so totally do that. i wish i'd thought of that.

lol, i wish you good luck, gamemaker doesn't like to do complex things

I would deffintly buy that game.


Good luck :) I look forward to seeing the game :)

What about an 8-bit time rangerers thee
Hope you're close to finishin or already finished.


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