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I really liked today's (January 18) episode! The recent seasons of GMM have felt more produced and aimed towards being viral than the old seasons (when Rhett and Link talked about what they wanted and went on tangents), so it was nice to have a bit of a "throwback" with the first Whatever Wednesday.

What's your opinion on Whatever Wednesday?

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As Mythical Beast, I enjoyed randomness of it, It's like I'm watching GMMore with more topic to talk about! However I'm afraid some of new viewers are gonna get confused and hate it because of how fast the topic changed (as i can see from among of dislike and comment in the vid :0).

Good point! Also, new viewers might be disappointed if they clicked a video for it's title, and only a portion of the video was ACTUALLY about that topic. (If I clicked on a video for an app and then got the weather from the YouTuber's hometown, I might not get it.) That being said, I feel like the title "Whatever Wednesday" kinda gives the randomness a context and makes it less random, ya know?

I've run into that issue with GMM episodes before -- that the title doesn't fully reflect what's covered in the episode. Like back when R&L did sketches and several other bits on Thursdays, but the title would only focus on one of the things they did. I mean, I imagine it's difficult to make a catchy title that reflects everything they do, but putting a title like "Whatever Wednesday: Long Distance Kissing App" might even be more helpful for categorizing episodes!

Yeah, sometimes their titles aren't quite accurate. In fact, I re-watched "My Jacket Got a Waiter Fired" yesterday and thought about how the title was a wee bit misleading. I doubt the waiter was fired for not putting cheese on Rhett's pasta...

I like your idea of including "Whatever Wednesday" in the title - I think it would make the randomness more expected and also create a "series within a series" feeling, too (like Will Its).

But, my guess is that no matter what R&L do to Whatever Wednesday's titles, the videos are going to be less popular among new viewers. So many parts of the first Whatever Wednesday (like Rhett talking about his hair and Buies Creek news) seem to appeal to the mythical beasts who already care about that kind of stuff. :)

I found it to be quite endearing, charming, and a nice little dose of what so many of us have been missing for the past couple of years. I do agree that some newer viewers might be turned off by the sheer randomness of it, but we were all new viewers at one time, and we've stuck with them through all the changes thus far. If new viewers are confused, perhaps they can check out some older episodes and vlogs to see what a lot of us have been pining for. To me, it's more about our dedication than their decisions to change the show, which have been happening for a while.

It was perfect! They really should keep doing it.

It sounded like every Wednesday this season is going to be a "Whatever Wednesday"... yay!

I'm so hyped for Whatever Wednesday, it's a lot like the old eps :)


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