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As you probably know, GMM got a new update today. Based on the comment section of the new (main) GMM episode, a lot of mythical beasts didn't like it. There were a lot of complaints about the lighting, faster pacing, poor sound quality, and the extra segments being separate, for example.

But I know the Kommunity is home to the most-dedicated fans, and I'm curious if the opinion here is different. So, what's your view of the new GMM?

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There’s certainly a lot more content! And yet, with the shorter videos, it’s seems to be more watch-able. So that’s a plus!

i gotta say, with the new format around for about a month, i'm a fan of the content they're putting out. i mean, i've been a fan of everything they've done (aside from prank calls) but i feel like they've really gotten into the groove with this. the guests they've had on have LARGELY been wonderful. i love it when guests commit to actually participating in the show and don't act like they're too good to be there. i prefer their expert guests to the celebrity guests, but all in all i'm enjoying what's going on. my sister refuses to watch because it's "too much clicking" but honestly if you click the first one it auto-plays the rest pretty easily, so i don't have a problem with it. i know they're trying to avoid mid-roll ads, but i do wonder if making the segments longer (say, two videos a day on the main channel with a mid-roll in each) would help the flow of things. i also am a youtube red subscriber so i don't see any of the ads to begin with.

I actually really like the new setup! we get longer shows, and if you dont have time for all of the parts of the show, you can go to the certain parts you missed. I don't really enjoy how there are guests almost every day, because they don't get to do as much with the guys as they would on the old shows. I think that all of the new steps like releasing a book and going on tour have helped their fanbase grow.
but i do miss the will-it episodes, because i think thats where most of their jokes and funny gags arrived

After a couple of months, I feel that my only main gripe that still remains is that the episodes are split up. I'd be super fine if it was all one long video. Other than that, I think it's okay. Maybe the transition was a bit bumpy, but that's just a thing that happens when things change. 
And on a side note, I miss the regular content from This is Mythical, especially 'Gritty in Pink'. 

Because the evolution of GMM hasn't exactly stopped since the beginning of the previous season I thought I'd ask a few questions that have been nagging me.
What does the kommunity think of the developing of in episode sketches (for instance the recent Larry King Sedar sketch, or the Man Eating sketches)?
What does the community think of the evolution of the pairings and use of the Crew members, for instance the pairing of Ellie and Jordan?
Connected to the last part, what is the Kommunity's thoughts on Jordan's most notable character (the sort of recurring "Cotton Candy Randy" character)?
What other concerns do the kommuity have about GMM as it moves forward further into 2018 and into 2019...

Sorry if these things have been discussed elsewhere, it made sense to ask here since is about the "new gmm format" and that has had an ongoing progress beyond lighting, a bigger set, etc.


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