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I’ve never been too fond of GMC, mainly because I like to watch Rhett and Link stuff FOR Rhett and Link. So I hardly ever watch it. But maybe because there was gonna be 6 weeks of no GMM, I decided to watch the last GMC.

I gotta be honest, the segment with Jen and Cassie really irked me off. Nothing personal against those girls, but I hope they realise that each piece of mail is something that someone has put immense thought and effort into. Just seeing them sitting and eating the candy sent by fans, and off handedly going through fan art like - “Oh here’s Rhett as Hawkman.” really made me cringe. Do they realise that someone could have spent hours picking just the right candy for the guys, based on what they think they would enjoy? Can you imagine being the person who made those glow in the dark figures of them, or that super cool piñata and then seeing them just cluttered on the desk, handled so carelessly, listening to the crew deciding what they could do with the stuff and knowing that it was not even being shown to the guys? 

I know Rhett and Link get more mail than anybody can possibly handle. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t respect it. It’s a sign of how much they’re loved. And how much it would mean to the fans that they saw their art or letters. 

What that segment basically communicated to me was: “We get too much mail guys. Stop sending us stuff. We just throw most of it away anyway.” 

I’d rather have preferred Rhett and Link directly saying it to the fans. They’ve even stopped opening regular mail on the show (anything that’s not mythical mail museum stuff) without telling the fans that they would be doing that. When people invest their time, emotions, effort and money into these packages, the least they owe the fans is a heads up that they might not be acknowledged for that. I’m sorry if this comes off rude, and I love the guys, and even like the crew, but I’m genuinely miffed with the whole thing.

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The link doesn't work for me. Goes straight to TWC search page. 

The link doesn't work for me as well. It says the page cant be found. 

I think I found the post (and I responded there, but can do so here also. I feel like it needs to be discussed.)

I don't know why links on Tumblr quit working right, but I found the post with the same title in my feed. I reblogged it on my dashboard. (My account is my mythical beast name.) I hope that's the right one. Let us know if your link gets fixed. 

I read your reply and i have to bow, you said it perfectly.

You did too! I couldn't have agreed more. 

Here's a copy/paste of my response from the post: 

"I think you said this perfectly. I’ve been watching GMC since the start and while there have been ups and downs along the way, nothing felt more like a slap-in-the-face then that part! 

I’ve usually stopped saying negative things, but this is too important not to bring up. I also cringed when I saw Jen eat the candy. We don’t know for sure, but that stuff could have been for Rhett & Link and not her. (Can’t assume that though). There are plenty of other issues I have opinions on about that job position, but I won’t go into it here. 

I would also much rather have Rhett & Link themselves make a statement ON ALL PLATFORMS (not just tumblr, for peet’s sake) or make a video announcement or through GMM episodes about what they’d like to receive in the mail. They did that with the exotic foods in the past and the “fancy panties” and it seemed to have worked well. 

And I know that there are many, many people who worry if their mail is seen by the guys since we get no validation unless it’s shown on the show. They have said before in videos (some older ones from past seasons, can’t remember which ones off the top of my head) that they do see what they receive, but may not talk about it or show it all on air, which is understandable if they really do get a lot. Also, some of the mods have responded to members of the Kommunity regarding that topic, basically saying the same thing. 

One thing that would be VERY nice is if Rhett & Link sent “thank you” notes/cards back to everyone who sends them mail. That might be a long-shot and maybe a tad costly, but that would be extra validation and it would be nice gift for fans to keep for themselves as well. Either that, or just send a message or email back to the senders that you received their letters or items. Common decency. (I know they’re a business so I can’t expect them to do that, but it would be nice and it’s the thought that counts.) 

But mainly, the question is, who’s actually reading all that mail? Do Rhett & Link ever see it with their own eyes? It is all going through some kind of “screening process” first? They say they “hear” about us and how they make our day. But are they taking any extra time to read heartfelt letters? I know they’re busy, families, work, etc, but heck, they can maybe take at least an hour a week to read some mail. Or at least make it known somehow that they’re in fact doing it. I’d really not like to know if there’s any mail that hasn’t been read in years because of this. 

I’m glad you brought this up. I thought about it when I watched the episode, but got so busy, I haven’t discussed it with anyone. (I was aware of this from the Komm btw, had to search the post myself. Link didn’t work there.) Anyway, I really feel like we should say something about this to their official account. Even if there’s nothing we can do, we can let our voices be heard and they can do better for future seasons. 

Besides, if Rhett & Link didn’t want to receive mail anymore, they would just straight out tell us. But since they still are, they AND THEIR CREW need to respect what people send them. I agree, some people did work really hard and most people I’ve talked to almost always hesitate to send mail because of these very reasons you and I mentioned."

I also want to add that they do kinda tell us what mail they want when they introduce a new mythical mail thing (museum, key ring, etc), so that's helpful in a way, but they still never say not to send them any other types of mail, so if they're getting too much or not enough of something, they would let us know through the show. I also don't want to know if any mail is being thrown away. I doubt it is, but we just don't know for certain and that would be very sad and disappointing if it was. 

There is a colon (:) missing in the link. here is the original post

I'll post something on this topic later when I have gathered my thoughts on this, but it definitely rubbed me the wrong way...

Sorry for that guys, now i just copy pasted it.

As one of the fans whose mail was actually commented on in that episode, here are my thoughts.

I sent the letter that left out Casey's name.  My first reaction was shock and excitement that my letter was getting read, and then I felt so bad that they had noticed my mistake.  I'm actually currently trying to get an apology message sent to Casey.  Sure, I also felt bad that the rest of my item didn't get featured, but I don't feel mad at Jen or Casey for making fun of something that is, honestly, worth making fun of.  Maybe it's just that I have a very easy-going personality and don't let things like that bother me, but they probably just thought that bit would be entertaining.

Jen and Casey were under added pressure from the cameras to be entertaining.  I am hardly ever like myself when I'm being filmed.  They are trying to make a good show and being silly for the fans.  I can almost guarantee y'all that mail-opening days don't look like that.  Nobody's perfect, and everybody is less perfect under pressure.  Cut them some slack. : )

Also, mail sent to Rhett and Link are gifts from us to them!  A gift does not expect anything in return!  I'm thankful for their hard work and dedication and so sent them a letter and museum item, but I knew when I dropped off my package that I could not expect anything more than the delivery truck bringing it to their PO box.  Rhett and Link have already given us so much, it's more like our own mail to them are the real "thank you" notes.

Our problem is not that. What concerns us is IF the mail actually reaches them, because it didn't seem like it in this episode. Personally i'm not bothered that mail wasn't featured nor that its treatment and sure i think nobody expects anything in return, nobody said that. But for example if i send something i have planned for Rhett's 40 birthday next year i want to know that he would see it.

I definitely see your point. A lot of the people sending this mail are probably fairly young and the postage is a lot of money for them, and seeing this could be really disheartening.

On the other hand, I can understand why it'd be frustrating to open dozens of random craft projects and bags of candy meant for somebody else week after week, as well as nonsense like fancy panties and letters from people claiming to be Rhett's yard baby.

Although I really don't think the intention of that clip was to discourage people to send mail. I think they just misjudged the tone. If you're dealing with things day in and day out, you tend to get pretty cavalier with them. 

Well of course but that's Jen's job afterall. Maybe is tiring (because let's be honest is not her fans) but that doesn't mean we need to know about it.

Of course they receive a lot of mail like fancy panties and every youtuber does,but that mail can just be mentioned as a joke them or not mentioned at all. I don't expect from Rhett and Link to read all the mail, they already have a lot of work to do and they have proved that they care about their fans and that many mythical beasts treat them like friends and they love that. But i feel like some things deserve a little attention except the project ones

The intention of the clip wasn't t to discourage mail but it REALLY does. As you mentioned some really put a lot of money to send things. I talked to the writer of the post and she lives in India, imagine sending a letter from so far away to be read for five seconds and it's content get lost in Jen's memory.

I don't want to amke a big deal out of this but it has bothered many so i can't be crazy. The only thing i want now is to learn what truly happens to our mail,because before this i was just picturing Jen going through letters and boxes and then give the more serious ones to the guys, but i'm not that sure now.


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