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Post pictures of your mythical beast shoes here! Its what the Randler would want..


Heres mine:





Cheers Rhett & Link for some awesome shoes!



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I'll post mine later but... the limited editions born on 08/30/2010 are almost all out. I got that year on the black ones I got in the mail today Monday, May 14, 2012 size 15 and I got to say I'm having trouble customizing them because the slot for a picture is not only hard to put something into it but I can't find a template of any kind that will allow me to make a picture for something that shape and size. Anyone having luck with this? What did you do to customize it?

This is the pictures of my shoes and customization. Sorry I didn't customize them right though.

Also I the next picture is the custom picture in the back of the shoe's area.

It's in full mode so it should be the size of 3 in wide (left to right) and 0.5 or 1/2 inch tall (up to down) it's not perfect though and unless you have a program that will print it with multiples on 1 sheet in it's entirety, you'll being wasting a lot of your paper like me. I made it in GIMP and exported to a Jpeg file (if you don't know... GIMP is a Free Open Source Software that allows you to edit Photoshop files and other files plus you can use free plugins and paid plugins while also being able to use some Photoshop downloadable brushes is allowed) and only using fonts from a free font website, the rectangular tool, built in filters, and some tutorials on how to make a cool space themed background.

I got blue ones in the mail yesterday and they've exceeded my expectations. 

Waso, I love GIMP and I love how your Tron customization turned out! It gives me some ideas. 

Thanks man, I was gonna do a Pac-man one but I couldn't figure out how to make it look cool. The light cycle and the word TRON are both the same font. you could go to DaFont to get free fonts but you have to read the readmes. Also most are "free- personal use" fonts but some are demos and commercial ones meaning you need to pay for them, plus the free ones that say free are free to use but with all these different types of commercial fonts, free for personal use fonts, free fonts, and demo fonts... there's speculation meaning if it doesn't say anything on the site and readme about how to use it you are good for distribution. This font is Tron from Paul Albers (as it sez on the site) on is free plus doesn't say anything about licensing on the readme.

aw , i want some...shipping tho

Bought some for my husband for his birthday! Soooo excited!

Sweet im getting the white ones idk when there supposed to come but its been awhile when did you get yours

it took a few weeks but that's because UPS works slow and that's how TWEAK ships them. Also UPS was closed on the fourth of July so this may effect you. You should receive a confirmation number when it finally got shipped from their closest UPS location. be warned, buy Dr. Scholls; converse style shoes have no arch support and that includes these.

I really need to get a pair! :-D they look amazing!

I cannot wait until my current shoes die, so I can buy new, and mythical shoes!


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