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So, I was on tweak.com, looking for the Mythical Shoe 2.0, when I came across a PINK MYTHICAL SHOE for breast cancer awareness month. I know a lot of ladies have been wanting a pink mythical shoe, so here it is: https://www.tweakfootwear.com/shoes/mythical-shoe-pink-ed-/pink
Rhett and Link will probably be announcing the limited-edition shoe soon,but being on the kommunity, I thought that you awesome people should be the first to hear about it.
I don't know how well sales will go, since they announced the Mythical Shoe 2.0 just two months ago, and lots of people probably ordered those, but luckily for me, I was slow, so I now have a chance to get the pink ones:)

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Just realized that these shoes will be perfect for a Pinkie Pie cosplay... they are now 20% cooler
They have been in preorder since at least mid July. I don't know why it's not a bigger deal but Rhett and Link should call attention to it in GMM.


I ordered mine a long time ago and I'm still waiting. If you want a chance to win free ones do the deckhand dance contest put on by tweak footwear and get your pink mythicals for free! I won the contest a few weeks ago and then helped my boyfriends brother win two weeks later ... It's easy :) the hard part is deciding what colour mythical shoe I want for my winnings


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