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Just another bit of nostalgic ponderings from an old, long-time member of the Kommunity.

And, since I'm a huge geek when it comes to numbers and stratifying things, this is how I cope with the everyday world . . . by breaking mundane things down into numerical components and analyzing it every which way you can imagine. Numbers don't lie!

Today's Thought

How many of the first 1,000 members are still around?

  • 34 accounts closed / 966 still open
  • 853 have not visited since 2012 or earlier
  • 48 last visited sometime in 2013
  • 23 last visited sometime in 2014
  • 42 have visited sometime in 2015

  • 46 members listed below last signed into their member account sometime in the 12 months . . . a few visit routinely, some (like me) almost daily but others perhaps only once . . . details are sketchy.
  • 28 of those were active in the past 90 days (highlighted)
  • sadly, only a handful of the faithful few have seen any activity at all in the past 30 days . . .

*Note:  analysis based on member activity report dated 13-Oct-2015

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Well, sad to say, Lesa's reception of me didn't go well. She didn't even recognize me! I had my hoodie on and saw her glance at the logo. I asked if she knew who the guys were. "Yeah, I USED to be a fan of them but I have moved on with so many things in my life." I began to speak of the Kommunity and she said she didn't understand a word I was saying. I could tell she was really trying to remember me from Walgreens, but it got so awkward, I just thanked her for her time and walked away. It I were her, I would go home straight after work, log into my KOMM profile and sneak around after that exchange. And for those of you that may think this sounds stalk ish, weird or harassing....we did know eachother, I was about the only person in the photo lab that hit it off with her. And she worked as a bus monitor on my 10 year olds preschool bus, we reconnected for a short moment then...but anyway.


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