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This has been an ongoing controversy that I have my own opinions on, but however noticed others still believe it was the chicken. I'm looking for some SOLID evidence from MULTIPLE people to establish a side of the argument. 

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See this to get a better understanding.


Well said my friend.

My best bet is that a different species of chicken thingies had a mutation in the EGG, in which created the delicius chicken, that will make you look like a blueberry if you ate too much. 

The goat.

Just thinking about this question makes my head hurt LOL I'd have to go with the chicken though.

you acutally resonded!

yeah, good point, and the vid is pretty important. did you see baker cat? it'll cheer you rigtht up!

The egg had to come first because it was deep-fried.

Where else would fried chicken come from?

yet another mythacal point of view. very creativly deliciousn!

That question is to vague, because obviously eggs were around way before chickens,  you know, like the dinosaurs. Though the chicken or the chicken egg is a different question. 

I know, i get that  a lot


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