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Hi guys! I'm an anthropology student and I'm doing a college project about digital communities. I watch Good Mythical Morning every day so I thought it would be a good idea to study Mythical Beasts. I'm doing a project on how Rhett and Link's videos have built a community online. I have a survey on Survey Monkey if you would consider filling it out. It should only take a few minutes. Thank you and be your mythical best!


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I would totally take the survey if I can find more time!  I am a Mythical BEAST!!!!

Done! I hope all goes well with your anthropological study, Jenna! :-) 

Survey taken. You should do these kind of surveys more often. Love you guys.

Done!! Good luck!!! I know for my project, it was a lot of fun to study and analyze the mythical beasts. I hope you have just as much fun and success as I did :)

KBE's are fun, and being a geek (as I suspect many MB's are), I enjoyed the survey.  Glad to have participated, 'cuz I haven't checked in to the Kommunity a lot this past year (just too busy, too tired, and internet at home is horrid).

Wish you well, hope that survey helps you succeed! 

aside to Victoria (Centauromadoose) [a wonderful MB!]   thanks for getting the word out.  MB's unite!


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