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Hi guys! I'm an anthropology student and I'm doing a college project about digital communities. I watch Good Mythical Morning every day so I thought it would be a good idea to study Mythical Beasts. I'm doing a project on how Rhett and Link's videos have built a community online. I have a survey on Survey Monkey if you would consider filling it out. It should only take a few minutes. Thank you and be your mythical best!


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Surveys are getting popular around here! MB Emily also recently posted one, if you're interested in seeing hers: http://rhettandlinkommunity.com/forum/topics/survey-about-being-a-m...

I'll spread the word and drum up some responses for you. :)

Thanks! I saw her post and thought it was really cool that digital communities are getting more attention in the academic world (especially GMM haha). I'm looking into the different ways that Rhett and Link used their content to foster community and create friendships.

Since it's for college credit, be sure to reference the proper terminology - - KOMMUNITY

We have a few resident historians / archivists who could probably tell you the first instance when the spelling was changed if that matters - - i.e. the events and activities geared to stimulate, promote and foster Mythical Beast (MB) involvement were originally called Community Building Exercises (CBEs) but began being called KBEs early on in the development of this site, probably mid-2009.

Also, changing the category for this forum from General Discussion to KBE because that's what it actually is.

FYI - Victoria (Centauromadoose) is a Kommunity Moderator (K-Mod) and also manages the completely "unofficial" Kommunity social media sites.

Survey taken.  As this issue came up with MB Emily's survey, what are the size limits for your responses? I can offer to send out an email blast to the 97,000+ Kommunity site membership roster, but don't want to flood the SurveyMonkey if you are limited to 100 replies for a non-subscription basis.

The more responses the better! I'm working on a college level anthropology project and the larger the survey data, the more reliable the statistics will be.

Jenna - I am the Kommunity site admin and can send out an e-mail blast to 97,000+ members, but don't want to flood the survey site if it cannot handle the amount of responses you might get. Most will pay no attention to the message or not respond, but if you get 5000 replies and your free survey plan only limits to 100 that might cause you some issues.

Just give me a firm YES or NO and I'll gladly send the blast to promote some activity.

That was a fun survey. :) Hope you get an awesome grade! :)

I would also love to interview anyone that would be interested! Your responses would be completely anonymous. I'm researching how Rhett and Link have used their content to create a digital community. I would love to ask some fans a few questions about how involved they are with the Mythical Beast Community and why they love watching Rhett and Link's videos.

You can inteview me if you like :) 

Espero que el estudio incorpore la variable extranjera, sobre todo Mythical Beasts que no hablan inglés como lengua nativa.


I hope this study includes the foreing variable. Especially those Mythical Beasts who doesn't speak english as a mother tongue.

Grettings from Chile!

I loved the survey I hope it helps your project and you learn a lot.


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