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  • What do you want R&L to talk about? 


  • Are you considered to be somewhat of an "EXPERT" on that subject?


  • Have you already make a suggestion to Rhett and Link  via comment post on  ,  or  ?


  • Did they think it was a great idea? Or do they believe you are completely insane for even suggesting such a thing and should be put away somewhere quiet before you hurt yourself?


  • If you were a flower, what type would you be?

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Creating your own languages, and writing scripts with them; then reading them. then have a discussion using your own language to communicate with the other

I want to know where they got those puppets. I want to have some made for a television show we are doing.

I'd love one of those puppets too! (of myself, not the guys) My kindergartners would LOVE it!

if you were a dragon would you: burn and pilage, stay hidden,or save the world from danger


How about WELCOME TO SEASON 3?   : )  

You guys should debate what (or who) the best band is ever.

My 2 cents: The Beatles or Led Zeppelin. 


You guys should talk about when u were the bentley brothers, if theres anything to talk about
Jason. Make a GMM about Jason.
Beard versus Moustache.

topic suggestion!!!

Google's  self driving car 

they are now legal in California so  i thought that Rhett and Link would have a fun time talking about it.  i also  think it's very cool and innovative. here is a link to the video about the car.


i also want Jullain Smith to be in an episode:)

-Favorite Mythical Beasts

-If R&L Made a Movie

I'm still catching up on season 2 so this may have already been discussed, but I'm curious about their opinion on reality shows like american idol and such. I know they have mentioned their dope zebra being used by someone else on the show... but they didn't really say what they thought of the show itself and its premise. (or, similar shows and their premise).


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