Home of Rhett & Link fans - the Mythical Beasts!

Rhett & Link have never won a Streamy before, lets us here at the Kommunity help change that.


Good Mythical Morning is up for show of the year. Vote now here:



Rhett and Link won the Streamy for Non-Fiction. Congrats!


Vote using the two links below, Good Mythical Morning &  Rhett & Link (these votes are now closed)

GMM: http://bit.ly/1SE8Q0H
R&L: http://bit.ly/1H7Z2bp

Please use both links to submit your votes to help get them show of the year and entertainer of the year.

If they get enough votes to get nominated into the categories, they will reward Mythical Beasts with behind the scenes content and Snapchat posts of the event.

Get voting and get your friends to vote..and their friends ..and so on :)

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Is everyone voting their fingertips off!! ? I have my DVR set to auto tune and record and since I've been home from work I'm tweetin all over the place!! VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE!
I'm voting my fingertips off but idk.. :'(
I am going to get ready to watch. I've voted and retweeted for about 5 hours straight. My handle is @JmeSunSlave if anyone wants a bunch to retweet. I have to put this device down or I'll never make to it work tomorrow. Good night all and good luck guys!
Well...boooo! Seemed to me like fousey and gf vs bf and prank vs prank were all the same people. It was all leaning pretty heavily towards them. Am I wrong? Well, it definitely wasn't from a lack of trying by the true mythical beasts that the guys didn't catch it this year. But they did get a Streamys and lots of mentions in the nominees. We love you guys!


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