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Hey, everybody! Contribute here if you have an idea for a piece. Try to find one with as many instruments as possible, and maybe some singers as well! Your posts on this discussion must include a link to free sheet music, a link to an audio file or Youtube Video, and the name of the piece. Let's get goin'!

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Here's a score idea! Equus, by Eric Whiteacre. Download on https://musescore.com/user/179182/scores/1095381. Hope you like it!

Má Vlast - Vltava/Die Moldau by Smetana c:



Sheet Music:




One Day More from Les Mis! Great option, has singers and strings. Sorry winds! ;P We could fit some percussion in there, I'm sure. 

One day more is a great idea! You can incorporate so many different people and instruments. 

@ Camille - - I left a note on Anna Anakin and her Rhett And Link Symphony . . . basically just asking her to contact you about this project.

If she doesn't contact you thru this page or directly, you might try following up with her directly.  If that fails, then maybe put together some of the other R&L-related compositions on MUSESCORE:

Hi I posted the video "rhett and link symphony" last week. I made it in musescore so it is alrerady sheet music, although i dont know if it is all very "playable" for all instruments. The sheet music is on https://musescore.com/user/8332191/scores/1881311 

Thanks, Anna! 

I'm not one of the musicians participating in this exercise, just an interested bystander, but so far your medley arrangement of R&L tunes is tops on my list of suggestions for the first virtual orchestra KBE.  With your approval (I hope so, anyways) I have downloaded a copy of the score and preserved it here on the Kommunity to assist those who either can't access the MuseScore site or desire not to create a new member account there.


~ K-Mod Gumbo123

I love that piece I've been wanting to play it but there are no other mythical beasts in my band class so I don't have anyone who will play it with me.

I have a whole heap of Concert Band scores that I've bought, and copied into Sibelius, so I can print individual parts off:

Here's what I have:

01:  Cuban Overture - George Gershwin, arr. Mark Rogers

02:  Ghosts - Stephen McNeff

03:  Funiculi, Funicula - Luigi Denza, arr. Alfred Reed

04:  Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral - Richard Wagner, trans. Lucien Cailliet

05:  A Leroy Anderson - Leroy Anderson, arr. James Barnes

06:  Overture to Candide - Leonard Bernstein, trans. Clare Grundman

07:  Sol Solator - Timothy Mahr

08:  Fifth Suite For Band - Alfred Reed

09:  Bandancing - Jack Stamp

10:  Suite Francaise - Darius Milhaud

11:  Three Ayres From Gloucester - Hugh M. Stuart

12:  The Year Of The Dragon - Philip Sparke

13:  The Road Unknown (Portrait Of A Soldier) - Richard Meyer

14:  Armenian Dances Part 1 - Alfred Reed

15:  On A Hymnsong Of Philip Bliss - David R. Holsinger

16:  Shepherd's Hey - Percy Grainger, arr. Loras J. Schissel

17:  The Sun Will Rise Again - Philip Sparke

18:  O Magnum Mysterium - Morten Lauridsen

19:  Porgy And Bess - George Gershwin, arr. James Barnes

20:  Instant Concert - Harold L. Walters

21:  Godzilla Eats Las Vegas! - Eric Whitacre

22:  Lux Aurumque - Eric Whitacre

23:  Ghost Train - Eric Whitacre

24:  Ye Banks And Braes O' Bonnie Doon - Percy Grainger

25:  Selections From Chicago - John Kander, arr. Ted Ricketts

26:  Noisy Wheels Of Joy - Eric Whitacre

27:  Amazing Grace - Frank Ticheli

28:  An American Elegy - Frank Ticheli

29:  Earth Song - Frank Ticheli

30:  Equus - Eric Whitacre

31:  Nitro - Frank Ticheli

32:  October - Eric Whitacre

33:  Rest - Frank Ticheli

34:  Shenandoah - Frank Ticheli

35:  Vesuvius - Frank Ticheli

36:  Angels In The Architecture - Frank Ticheli (minus percussion)

37:  Armenian Dances Part 2 - Alfred Reed (mvts 1 and 2, not 3)

38:  Concerto For Clarinet And Wind Ensemble - Alfred Reed (mvt 2 only)

39:  Danzas Cubanas - Robert Sheldon

40:  Mock Morris - Percy Grainger

41:  Sinfonia 3 - Timothy Broege

42:  The Lord Of The Dance - Richard Saucedo

So as you can see ^, I have a library to choose music from

Wow, thanks! I promise I'll get to listening to every single one. There's a couple on this list I'm really interested in. Thank you so much for giving me choices! c:


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