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It looks like Rhett and Link are launch partners for the new online platform Vessel

For info check here https://www.vessel.com/blog/the-first-window-for-web-video

and here https://www.vessel.com/blog/now-playing-vessel-beta

and here http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/dec/17/vessel-youtube-ea... (Apparently I'm behind the times because that Guardian article was posted in December!)

What does this mean for us? Will we be totally unaffected if we stick to YouTube? But from launch on we'll get the videos on YouTube days after they're released on Vessel? How much will this $2.99 translate to internationally? How long before the terms change?

I can see how this is a good thing for Rhett and Link, but change is scary. More info plz.

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I'm in the Vessel beta with a 1-month free trial (though you still have to give them a credit card). Right now, all the videos posted on rhettandlink2 and rhettandlink3 (so, GMMs, GMMores, and Song Biscuits) are being posted 1 day early on Vessel. Their main channel is listed on there, but since nothing has come out on it this year, there's no indication yet of how much earlier those will be released on Vessel. 


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