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Since it was suggested in the official R&L forum, and I don't think anyone has started this discussion yet: "If you can choose, which one do you love more? Go ahead, gush. They'll love it."

Which one do you relate to better? Which one would you be BFF with? We know it's almost impossible to choose either Rhett or Link, but tell us what you like about each individual.

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Good point, LOL! I'll broaden the topic so dudes can answer too! :oD
While they're both hot and hilarious, I have a major thing for a) glasses and b) dark hair. Plus, Link's name alone reminds me of my earliest crush, you know, Zelda's beau.

Yeah, I'm a major nerd. :-P
I'm with you on that, LOL!
Ohhh do I HAVE to answer this question? (no, no I don't. it's very optional to post here. Haha.)


Rhett: His facial hair and head-hair are amazing, and he's reallyyyy tall. Not to mention I like his mock-seriousness amongst all of the silly stuff going on.

Link: His glasses and hair are also awesome, and he's mega-silly. Which boosts cool points.

Verdict: You can't have one without the other. Their voices compliment each other. It's like having french fries without ketchup, it just don't work, chickadee!
Em is right, you can't have one without the other. I'm reminded of the 80's commercial for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups ("Your peanut butter hit my chocolate!" "Your chocolate hit my peanut butter!")

Rhett and LInk -- two great internetainers that go great together!

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup commercial - 1982
Okay, hard decision. It's like asking a mother to pick her favorite child...not that I think of them as my children lol..that's weird XD. Well you know what I mean, they're both awesome in their own unique way :).
I think Link is a very cute guy, the expressions he gets on his face are priceless. he is also very humorous as well.
Well, If I have to share my feelings. I always had a thing for that chick with glasses, on that Scooby Doo cartoon. Well, Link kinda looks like her. So there you have it.
LOL! Velma! That's hilarious!!
It seems everyone is being diplomatic/ playing it safe by claiming they are "on the fence." Don't get me wrong I love the duo together, but personal preferences are personal preferences. I love Rhett's "mock seriousness" as well as Link's mega silliness but there are times when I relate to one more than the other. For that reason (and the fact that he also hates answering phones and being social with strangers), I chose Link (since I react the same way). That does NOT mean I think Rhett's importance to the duo should be ignored after all that is what it means to have a duo My first answer relates to the first original question "which one do you RELATE to better?"
For the second question, I think since I can only handle hyper silliness in small doses and I'm called a know-it-all with my closer friends, I choose Rhett. Hmm...Well it almost sounds like I'm on the fence too but believe me when I say I'm not, its just that those questions are different...maybe. I think I overthunk these questions.
Playing it safe? No!

Link is hot! Rhett is not! There you have it!
Rhett - just so he will have one person vote for him.


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