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So, in this page you guys can add song ideas and suggest some lyrics for the song... Maybe you guys could also write lines of old songs and then improve the lyrics to your liking. Like on YouTube, the ideas are really simple. For example, songs on squirrels and songs on pillows, here I mean really detailed to what you mean... What the main idea should be...go on!!!

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You should do a wake up song so people can put it as their alarm clock.
The song should start quietly as you wake up and become more loud as it goes forward so when it ends after a couple of minutes you are fully awake and it leaves you with the feeling of WOW, this was amazing - like the OCD song which I really liked.

You should also do a good night song that start a bit quiet and than it evolves and in the end it goes slowly to be quiet again and it ends softly so you could just close your eyes and fall to sleep.

Hope it is enough explanation
And thank you for everything you are doing
You can also just do a song about alarm clocks or/and waking up.


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