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I noticed that R&L's guest appearance playlist on their channel hasn't been updated in a while. I decided I'd try to find some of their guest appearances/interviews/commercials that aren't on their own channels and put them into a Youtube playlist. I found a bunch, but I'm sure there's still a ton out there. I also added a couple of tribute videos, but I'd like to keep these to a minimum unless they are very good.

It came to me that this would be a great KBE. If you know of any videos that aren't on the list, post them here! I'll add them to the list. This can serve as a Kommunity directory of their guest appearances.  Happy (video) hunting!

The playlist: Rhett & Link Guest Appearances

*Note: The playlist is not very well organized right now. It's not chronological by any means. It's grouped together more by what channel they were on.

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You're welcome! :D

Rhett makes a solo appearance (around 13:05) in the new Hot Ones episode featuring Binging with Babish:

"Binging with Babish Gets a Tattoo While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones," First We Feast: https://youtu.be/dQ80ui7zur4

"David Dobrik, Rhett & Link & More Play 'Fan or No Fan' at VidCon 2019," E! Red Carpet & Award Shows: https://youtu.be/_YKl5c3-Rig

"Chefs & Normals Review Kitchen Gadgets | Ft. Rhett and Link," SORTEDfood: https://youtu.be/4VROnnpk1zI

"Rays at Dodgers | MLB Game of the Week Live on YouTube," MLB: https://youtu.be/KIP7MDmx3ps

Rhett & Link throw out the ceremonial first pitch and also make an appearance again later as guest commentators.

for those who don't have nearly 5 hours to devote . . .

R&L get introduced (including an in-studio GMM montage) starting at 25:44 - - a little bit of DOUBLE BOUNCE CROSS-UP ACTION!

33:41 they can be seen on sidelines with some warm-up throws along the 1st base line (over announcer's left shoulder). Practice continues with a couple of short cut backs at 34:33 and 36:00. This likely occurred before the actual 1st pitch but was moved in post-edit.

Joining the play-by-play team in the YouTube booth at 1:13:50 and continue through end of the inning at 1:22:45 . . . including mythical beast fan-submitted Q&A 


Rhett & Link make a voice cameo in a new Welsh movie called Denmark, which is partially funded by BBCFilms. You can hear Link's voice in the trailer around the 0:25 mark; the first sentence is from the GMM episode "The Most Luxurious Prison in the World," but the second sentence is new material that they recorded for the film, as confirmed by Link on Twitter (https://twitter.com/linklamont/status/1177853402472017921).

Trailer: https://youtu.be/ZhPn6ZsXG-k 

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