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Suggest some good quotes! I have a few I've chosen, but I want some input from y'all :)

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if you go to a party and end up dancing with jello, it probably wasn't a very good party


This is a good one! XD

I've got a few - 

  • Don't look at the scrotum when eating anything - Link 
  • I'm inspired by the shape of circles - Link (there's more inspiration quotes in this video - I'm inspired)
  • Always mug a man that's makin' jazz hands - Rhett
  • I only learn inadvertently - Rhett
  • Anything worth having is worth biting a lot to get to - Rhett (I think)
  • When in doubt, whip chocolate out - Link
  • Oh, my flavours! - Link 

I've got more but I don't know if you want them

these are fantastic!! feel free to add more because i'm enjoying reading them tbh

I would love to hear other ones if you know any.  Im also looking for quotes for my yearbook

You can check out the "Put that on a shirt" group and find tons more.
"The key to happiness is low expectations." -Rhett from 10-23-15 MORE

Do you feel that gentle breeze?
It's the category five hurricane of adulthood
About to hit you upside the head with a tree

Read more: Rhett And Link - The Graduation Song Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Today we celebrate all you've accomplished,

and challenge you to do something amazing with that future,

as it emerges from your proverbial piñata.

or anything else you find motivational from this . . .

I play this song every time I need some extra motivation to get things done! :)


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