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I didn't find a dicussion thread for this but if there is then i am sorry for repeating it.
But here we go, so lets all share some artwork we have done for Rhett and Link.

I'll start with this:
Click Me!

I made the RhettandLink Logo with beads but unfortunately it got
smashed on the way home.
This is all i could save from the wreckage,
Rhett made it out with just minor damages, sorry Link but i couldn't save any part of you.

I will make a new attempt at making the logo in a few weeks, we need to get our new shipment with beads and i need to summon the streght to actually sit and make it again. It took 7 hours straight to do the whole thing and it contained 8892 beads.

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cool! I always wanted to make stuff out of those kinds of beads. You did really good! :)

Yeah, here's mine. I was experimenting with a new art medium, white pencil on black paper. I really liked the dramatic effect though it may be a little TOO dramatic. :P


Also posted it in Beast Kreations - Photos.

For some reason I didn't think to post my latest here. So here it is. Enjoy.
that's Really Cool!! (Was looking at Rhettandlink's Logo... and. Why doesn't Link have his glasses?B)
I drew Rhett and Link as unicorns... I'm not really skilled at drawing unless I'm really focused and take my time, so I said, hey, I'll draw unicorns.  It's not the best quality, but I thought they were cute.  Yes, I know unicorns may not wear glasses or have beards.

That's seriously amazing! Oh my goodness!

Eve - Evelina Waara (Dextria) said:

I'm doing the same thing as Corey and re-posting my Rhett and Link-drawing:


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