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Hello mythical beasts! I am looking for permission from Rhett and Link to design and develop a Rhett and Link app. I will need help from a group of the most mythical of the beasts to assist me in the app development process. This app could be the kommunity but for mobile devises (as many as possible). I came up with this idea when I tried to go on to the kommunity on my phone and it wouldn't work. Now as I said I am in need of some help so if you are able to help please comment your skype name below, if you don't have skype then still comment below and we will figure out a way for all of us to work together.

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I like the idea, if Rhett and Link support it. I sent you my skype name in a private message.


Because it is easier for some people to use the app and there could be notifications if someone msgs you or something.


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